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But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.
Proverbs 4:18
We have found these links useful and would like to pass them on.
We hope they will be a blessing to you! Feel free to send us suggestions.

Please note: Just because we list websites here does not mean we agree with all that they teach, sell or promote.


Other Gospel Hall Websites & Locations
References, Messages & Study Helps
E-Cards, Screen Savers, Wall Paper, Photos
Wall Texts
Gospel Outreach & Testimony
For Children
Personal Websites
Spanish & NT Greek
wThough we are undenominational, there are others who gather to the Lord's Name in a similar manner around the world. There is no official list of assemblies or Gospel Halls.

wThough our site makes frequent references to, this does not mean we agree with everything contained there or the way in which it is presented. There is no "Gospel Hall headquarters" that states the doctrines that each assembly must hold, and thus there will be some differences between us.
Gospel Hall Websites & Locations
Reference, Messages & Study Helps
Other Languages
Personal Websites
Gospel Outreach and Testimony
E-Cards, Screen Savers, Wall Paper, Photos
Quickie intro to E-sword.
See E-sword tutorials for more.
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Wall Texts
The above notes are not guaranteed to be free from error, but are believed to be sufficiently reliable.
We welcome your comments.
Beautiful Photography & Downloads
For Children (lots of good info. here)
Links to many other Gospel Halls at:
Audio Messages - Trusted and Biblically sound
Free Message CDs from - Includes Spanish messages - MP3 message downloads
Joe Skelley's Library - Tapes, MP3 CDs & many downloads
Voices for Christ - Thousands of Bible messages (includes Bible Chapels)

Salvation Testimonies
Heaven4Sure (Category = Testimony)

Free Audio Bible Downloads; and share with others! - We have enjoyed the KJV Audio Bible here
FaithComesByHearing - Requires installing a free program, but fairly simple

Online Bible Dictionaries
Blue Letter Bible Resources

Online Bibles & Study Tools - searchable, many translations
Listen to the Bible!
5 Bibles in parallel
Interlinear Bible
With morphological tags

Mobile Bible resources

Bible Map Resource

Bible Study Outlines
We have posted some here.

Free Bible Study Software
E-Sword ( - we prefer this over Online Bible in many cases
Examples of Free Features:
-Powerful Bible/Commentary/Dictionary search options
-Strong's dictionaries (incorporated into the KJV text as popup notes)
-Many Bible translations
-Greek helps
-Maps & Charts
-Many commentaries, Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia
For a Small Fee:
-Vine's Dictionary
-William MacDonald's Commentary
-and many other resources (
Have dialup? Ask us for a free CD with features we use most. - also very popular with its own strengths. Has Greek functions and some good commentaries that are not in E-Sword.

BerBible - Light-weight, contains free KJV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, NET Bibles

The Word - Some like this better than E-Sword.

Online Publications
Truth and Tidings (USA) - online magazine, we get the paper kind!
Words in Season (USA) - online magazine, no longer available for subscription
Assembly Testimony (UK) - online magazine - online books, articles
Truths for Our Day

Where to Buy Christian Books & Resources - Helps find your book (We buy music CDs, books and gifts here.) (Good for books and commentaries not found elsewhere)
Bible Truth Publishers (We get calendars, books, and Spanish materials here)
Moments With The Book (Tracts, pocket calendars, free gospel magazine)
See also for a good way to publish your own tracts. (not Christian affliliated but good source for Bibles & books (We have found a few good book buys here...)
Christian E-Cards (Free) (High quality... make someone's day!)

Screen Savers, Wall Paper, Photos - Absolutely beautiful photography.
Christian Radio (we haven't checked out the soundness of doctrine but enjoy the music)
  Conservative Christian music (you likely need faster than dial-up)
- Streaming Christian music
- Word of Truth Radio
- Pandora Radio (Hymns) - 100 Instrumental Hymns or Customize
- live
-Music 'Til Dawn, Musical Memories, Sacred Stylings

Cyberhymnal - Christian hymns & Gospel songs—lyrics, MIDI files,
scores, pictures, history, etc. Free downloads.
Believers' Hymn Book - Midi tunes to Believers' Hymn Book
Violin Hymns from Believer's Hymn Book - Share non-professional hymn recordings
Play piano hymns by ear - Download free a cappella hymns and learn to sing
                           the harmony parts. Free Hymn CD's.
Hymn Melody Finder
Locate Hymn Tunes by name
Hymn Tunes Index Searchable directory - Excellent source for playable hymns and sheet music
Little Flock Tunes - Words and Midi files for the songs in Little Flock Hymnal
Postal Bible Studies - Bible Time lessons for children ages 4 and up. Free! 1500 students and growing. Rewards and gifts. Downloadable lessons.

Sunday School Materials
- at - includes lesson plans, printable activities & crafts, crosswords & other games, & teaching help
- More kids activities - Peter Ramsay, preacher & Bible teacher

Spanish (not to be confused with others of similar names)
Mensajero Mexicano - Publicación electrónica; Himnos en formato mp3 - Una mina de material bíblico en Español, 100's de páginas - Mensajes en formato MP3

Spanish Flash cards

Traducir este sito: Google or is a great Spanish dictionary tool

NT Greek

Interlinear Bibles
Bible with Morphological Tags

Learn New Testament Greek
E-sword add-ons (Including Strong's Greek in a Nutshell)
E-sword's download page now has Greek texts with morphological tags
Notes from Greek I, Moody Bible Institute (at left)
  - To view notes in Excel  you need the GentiumAlt font.
Greek Notes & Flash Cards  (free)
  - Simple to use Excel program powered by macros
  - Prints cards in double-sided flash card format
  - Pronunciation capabilities to be released at a later date
  - Easily add your own words or use for any language
Greek/Hebrew Flash Cards (free) - "FlashWorks" - Bill Mounce's site
Practice paradigms

Type Greek Characters Quickly (to paste into Word)  (free on web)
Unigreek  (free program for your computer)
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